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  • Choosing the Right Technology and BPO Providers September 23, 2014
    What are the technology requirements to get your small or medium-sized business connected to most cloud-based business process outsourcing services? In almost all cases, a laptop or desktop computer...
  • How Cloud Is Changing BPO September 23, 2014
    More and more business processes are now affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized businesses on an outsourced basis, and more and more SMBs are taking advantage of the opportunities that...
  • BPO: What It Is, When It Makes Sense September 23, 2014
    Business process outsourcing-;BPO-;is not a new concept. Companies large and small have been farming out processes that are not critical to their core competencies for years, such as payroll. In...

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  • Micro Capital Task Force: Closing the Gap, Increasing Access July 28, 2014
    Dear Members and Friends,   In a meeting last summer with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, he challenged AEO to find solutions for the source of the capital gap on Main Street, which is this: each day in America 8,000 requests for business capital are denied. A loan denial can cause a ripple effect, especially for a Main Street entrepreneur, And I don’t have to
  • More than a Living June 24, 2014
    I recently read about an unemployed, single mother who completed a two-week training course to become a certified nursing aide, an occupation listed as the “fastest-growing job in America.” The woman was hopeful that the certification will allow her to now make a living. Ideally, the certification will bring employment opportunities, but, very likely, her jo
  • AEO Conference Speaker Guest Blog April 30, 2014
    I’m looking forward to being part of the 2014 AEO National Conference. And I’m especially excited about the panel discussion on how data and analysis can strengthen the microbusiness industry; specifically, microfinance. The organization I lead, CARS Inc., has identified a number of opportunities to help strengthen the field by attracting new funders and inv