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    We welcome volunteers with open arms.

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    Volunteering is richly rewarding and vital to our mission

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    Accion volunteers are truly family

Volunteerism is about education and community.

It’s about serving a cause greater than yourself. It’s about making a positive difference in other people’s lives. And it’s a major component of a rich and fulfilling life.

At Accion, we welcome volunteers with open arms.

And we couldn’t possibly achieve our far-reaching mission without them.

Accion volunteers are vital to our success and they serve as wonderful “ambassadors” to the many communities we serve. They help us plan and carry out special events. They help with client and donor outreach. They contribute in a very real way to our bottom line and to our goal of helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with a hand up – not a handout.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Many are current or former clients who have achieved success and want to give something back. Some are civic leaders. Others join us to learn about small business so they can possibly start one of their own. And many are simply committed to helping others and have the time and desire to do so.

What do they all have in common? They help make the world a better place.

Accion needs – and counts on – dedicated, spirited, and bright people who are eager to learn about the microlending field, support community and economic development, and take pride in strengthening small businesses.
We know your time is valuable. And we promise that if you volunteer with us, the experience will be richly rewarding. It’s not just “busy work.” It’s mission-driven work. You will be able to share your talents with a winning team – and you’ll gain the wonderful sense of satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Our volunteers truly are members of the Accion family.

Won’t you join us?

Please send an email to info@acciontexas.org indicating your location, your area of business interest and business-development expertise.

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